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Tips for your First Dispensary Visit

Your first trip to a dispensary can be overwhelming, but the best way to make the most of your initial visit is to keep a few things in mind.  Here’s a list of what we recommend as first-timer tips:

  1. Plan ahead and do your research. Learn more about the dispensary you plan to visit by visiting their website for their hours, location, etc.  This is also a great opportunity to use their menu and see what types of products they’ll offer.
  2. Bring cash.  While some dispensaries will have the option to use a debit card with a service fee, if you bring cash for your purchase you can not only stick to your budget but avoid on-site ATM fees.  Cannabis is a cash business so plan accordingly.
  3. Don’t forget your photo id and patient card.  This might be obvious, but you won’t be able to enter the dispensary without both of these items.  The dispensary has a responsibility for compliance – do your part to assist.
  4. Ask questions.  The staff at your local dispensary includes a team of budtenders and wellness specialists who have undergone training to best assist you and answer questions about different offerings in-store.  They can share information about their products but remember, they aren’t clinicians.  If you want medical advice about your cannabis therapy, be sure and talk to your healthcare provider.
  5. Leave a review after your visit.  Help others in the patient community and the dispensary owners by sharing your experiences via reviews.  If the dispensary itself doesn’t have a place on their website for reviews, you can usually leave reviews via their listing on Google.

Above all else – prepare for some unknowns – with Missouri’s brand new industry, you could experience lines when dispensaries first open, and larger crowds than what will be “typical” after the grand openings are over.

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