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Who Is Now Lobbying on Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp? – Cannabis Wire

Cannabis lobbying has slowed in 2020, as Cannabis Wire recently reported. But the industry, along with the hemp and CBD industries, continues to draw a diverse mix of stakeholders, both for and against its long-term growth.

Cannabis Wire dug through the latest lobbying disclosures, and found some intriguing new names that have joined these conversations since late 2019. Below are some names that stood out. (Catch up on Cannabis Wire’s previous lobbying reporting.)

Entities newly lobbying on cannabis (entity name, when lobbying began):

Non-cannabis entities: 

Government Blockchain Association – Springfield (Q1 2020)

Specifically: “The extensive amount of cash sales through states that have legalized cannabis promotes hiding funds through cryptocurrencies.”

Mellon Financial (Q1 2020)

Specifically: “Custody of cannabis related assets and passage of H.R. 1595, the SAFE Banking Act.”

Personal Care Products Council (Q2 2020)

Specifically: “Cannabidiol enforcement of cannabis derived products.”

Cannabis entities:

Holistic Industries (Q1 2020)

Mystic Leaf (Q2 2020)

Entities newly lobbying on CBD (entity name, when lobbying began)

Non-CBD companies: 

Altria (Q2 2020) 

Specifically: “Matters pertaining to hemp, crop insurance and CBD; FY21 appropriations.”

More context: Altria has invested in a Canadian cannabis company called Cronos; also, Altria has already been lobbying on hemp, which Cannabis Wire first reported, but this is the first time the company specified CBD.

Anheuser-Busch (Q4 2019) 

Specifically: “Issues related to government oversight of cannabis/CBD in food products.”

More context: The company has partnered with Canadian cannabis company Tilray on THC and CBD beverages; also, the company has already been lobbying on “cannabis in food products” since Q2 2019, as Cannabis Wire reported, but now specifies CBD.

Noramco (Q4 2019)

Specifically: “FDA and USDA regulation of Cannabidiol (CBD).”

More context: The parent company of this opioid-focused pharma company is Johnson & Johnson. The CBD connection? Noramco formed a cannabinoid-focused company called Purisys.

Universal Corp (Q2 2020) 

Specifically: “Monitored FDA actions to establish a CBD regulatory framework.” Also, “Monitored discussions involving illicit vapor devices and THC.”

More context: Universal is a tobacco company.

Consumer Brands Association (Q1 2020) 

Specifically: “FY 2021 Agriculture-FDA Appropriations/Title VI, Food & Drug Administration, Cannabidiol (CBD) Enforcement; FY 2021 Labor Health & Human Services Appropriations/Title II, Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality/ Cannabidiol (CBD) Research.”

More context: Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola Company, and PepsiCo, Inc. serve on CBA’s board. Read Cannabis Wire’s coverage of CBA’s work on CBD policy.

CBD companies: 

Caliper Foods (Q4 2019)

Charlotte’s Web (Q4 2019)

Garden of Life (Q4 2019)

GVB Biopharma (Q2 2020)

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