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Sonder High-Est Cannabis Oil Cartridge And The Brilliant New Alpha Pen – Forbes

I’m a massive fan of the Sonder brand of vape cartridges. They taste like actually smoking perfectly cured cannabis flower without using a flame or a pipe.

I have to say that it’s absolutely necessary to vaporize Sonder’s precious oils using the proper battery. Most of the batteries on the market suck at best. Did you know there are various grades of vape batteries? I didn’t until I starting frying my expensive vape cartridges. I’d take a couple hits and the taste of the cart would turn burnt, or worse it would stop working completely. The battery was to blame. You really get what you pay for.

Let me tell you that a little secret. Most of the vape batteries on the market are not the highest quality. I’m learning about the quality levels in vape batteries and they vary widely. With this said, please allow me to introduce you to an amazing vape battery.

This one is made by BRNR Lab. You may be familiar with the illustrious founder, Seibo Shen who is the CEO Hanu Labs. Hanu Labs makes a lovely vape device that is shaped like a Maine sea stone- or if you are on the west coast, it resembles a rock that you’d find up near the Oregon Coast. Whatever you think of the Hanu Stone (I love it, btw), the new Alpha Pen is a desirable object of rare beauty.

It is chunky in your hand in weight, like a European luxury pen. Measuring in at about nine or so inches and a quarter inch or so around it feels luxurious in your hand. The top opens to install a cart by turning substantially weighted stainless lid. There is a small hole in the top. You can inhale your cannabis 710 cartridge through this opening or use the typical top of your cannabis vape cartridge inside. It’s up to you. The device charges with a mini-USB and it offers two temperatures, low and high to take you to inner or outer space. The verve of the device operates on a haptic system. It seems to recognize your mouth. I’m immediately a fan. Great job.

My Sonder cartridge, Do Si Dos is an Indica strain designed for relaxation, so my timing is perfect. It’s nine o’clock at night and after a couple hits from Seibo’s new luxury pen, I’ll be grooving into my late night hep kat mood, like Mezz Mezzrow back when he sold Louis Armstrong a couple dozen ounces of weed a week, back in the day.

This is gorgeous stuff that screams soul and sunshine.

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