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5 Questions With Flower By Edie Parker: ‘Cannabis For The Cool Kids’ – Forbes

On Friday, July 10, luxury cannabis brand, Flower by Edie Parker will complete their bestselling collection of cannabis products with new THC and CBD nectar disposable vaporizer pens and cartridges exclusively at MedMen locations through the Los Angeles area.  

Building off the brand’s longstanding commitment to creating high-quality products with a touch of irreverence, Flower by Edie Parker has created their private-label vape collection using organic sun grown flower, sustainably cultivated in small batches and third-party lab tested for efficacy. The newest vaporizer nectar pens and cartridges are available in three scintillating strains:  

Early Bird – A light and creative flavor, 3:1 CBD to THC ratio, pairs well with morning hike or mid-afternoon coffee.

Happiest Hour – Party perfect, this 2:1 THC-dominant blend is for a good time hanging with friends or a night out dancing. 

Nightcap – Our heaviest hitter 10:1 THC-prominent flavor is best to use before your bubble bath, bedtime, or any relaxation ritual.    

 Also, with every purchase of the new THC and CBD nectar pens Flower by Edie Parker will be offering a free Weedie Parker lighter and one cent flower gram jar while supplies last at MedMen Abbot Kinney, Beverly Hills, DTLA and West Hollywood locations only.

I interviewed Brett Heyman, founder of Flower by Edie Parker.

Warren Bobrow=WB: Please tell me what was your inspiration for the new product line (I LOVE the old line – excited for the new one!)

Brett Heyman=BH: Our cannabis offerings and accessories are ‘for a good time’, designed to be proudly displayed, not hidden away. Our previous, current and future products and accessories are meant to light up a night in or a night out. In all of our products, we are committed to the highest quality and carefully considered packaging. Whether it is our Flower Pots, Little Edie prerolls, our craft live resin vape pens, or  our unique and unexpected hand-blown glass pipes, we create products that surprise and delight.

WB: Tell me about your new THC disposables? What makes them better than their competitors? 

BH: For nearly a decade, Edie Parker has created eye-catching, colorful and collectible items, handmade by skilled artisans with a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. When we launched Flower by Edie Parker last year, it was our goal that individuals engage with cannabis like any other brand that sparks joy in their lives. All of our private-label strains are made using organically sun-grown flower, sustainably cultivated in small batches and third-party labs tested for efficacy. Our brand-new THC and CBD nectar disposable vaporizer pens are made with the same consideration and are really ‘soil to oil’. They are all natural – no vitamin e acetate, no additives, no fillers, no cutting agents whatsoever.

WB: Indica or Sativa, which one is your preference? 

BH: Hybrid!

WB: Please tell me briefly about your new MEDMEN partnership? 

BH: MedMen has been a leader in the normalization of cannabis. They have made it a priority to show the unjust criminalization and stigmatization of the plant. From its inception, Flower by Edie Parker has celebrated cannabis and the value that it brings to people’s lives, while supporting organizations whose mission is cannabis criminal justice reform. We are really excited about this partnership and look forward to watching it grow.

WB: Why cannabis?

BH: Why not? Its a plant that has been used medicinally for thousands of years. It creates jobs, creates tax revenues, can be an anti-anxiety, a pain-killer, a sleep-aid, no one has ever died from it, it reduces opiod prescriptions in legal states, heightens senses and makes everything better.

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