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Letter: Support For Medical Marijuana Dispensary – My veronanj

To the Editor:

It’s astonishing to me that in 2020 people would try to prevent a medical marijuana dispensary when we know its efficacy in helping those suffering with conditions such as cancer, epilepsy and chronic pain.

I’m not sure which is worse: the hypocrisy (so you should be able to walk into any bar and get tipsy while you watch the football game, or perhaps fall-down drunk?); the ignorance (do you really believe Verona will become a hotbed of drug fiends when kids can get pot from their fellow students or from the internet with far less effort?); or the selfishness (would you feel the same if it was your child that got relief from seizures or your mother who got her appetite back during chemo?).

If you are so concerned with the perils of drug use in your community why don’t you join the fight against the giant pharmaceutical companies whose greed for profit has caused the opioid crisis and led to the deaths from overdose of over 4,000 people a month nationwide at its height? Then you would actually be doing something worthwhile.

Laura Morowitz

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