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Five pandemic-friendly cannabis methods that don’t involve smoking – The GrowthOp

In the age of coronavirus, one of the few outlets we have for fun and escape is marijuana. A new poll found that people have increased their cannabis use in significant ways, claiming that 33 per cent of Americans tried marijuana in March compared to last year, when only 12.5 per cent of people had tried it.

Unlike alcohol, marijuana is unlikely to leave you with a hangover or pack on the calories (you do have to be wary of the munchies).

Since COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, these five methods of consuming cannabis won’t harm your lungs in any way.


Baking with marijuana is awesome, whether you’re keeping things simple with firecrackers or taking the more elaborate route of preparing a pot cake or brownie. With all kinds of weed baking it’s important to decarboxylate, which is the process when you heat marijuana to bring out its effect. If this is your first time preparing these treats, remember to always use a recipe, learn the basics of cannabutter and start off slow. The pot brownies might be delicious, but eat too many of those things and it’s easy to have a lonely quarantine freak out.


There’s no reason why marijuana should be limited to baking. Cannabutter can be used in a wide variety of dishes, ranging from mac and cheese to roast chicken, ketchup and burgers.

While some people believe that the uplifting effects of caffeine might cancel out marijuana’s mellow, others believe caffeine makes for a better high. / Photo: settaphan / iStock / Getty Images Plus

settaphan / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Coffee and tea

While some people believe that the uplifting effects of caffeine might cancel out marijuana’s mellow, others believe caffeine makes for a better high. The only way to know is to try it out for yourself. Coffee and cannabis is a popular way to blaze up in the mornings for a reason, so don’t knock it ’til you try it!


There are dozens of cannabis topicals in the U.S., ranging from skin care products to shampoos and conditioners. These products are infused with cannabis and also contain other nutrients, oils and natural scents. They won’t get you high, but they will relax you.


Cannabis lubricants have experienced a boom of sorts recently. Some brands manufacture products that contain THC, CBD, or combinations of both.

As for CBD lube specifically, benefits are said to include pain and inflammation management, which are reportedly very helpful for women, especially those who struggle with painful or uncomfortable sex.

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