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Yes, LA: Cannabis Shops Stay Open. They’re Considered An Essential Business In These Times – LAist

In case you were among the many people with the non-existential question: Can I still buy legal weed?

The answer is yes. L.A County’s official Twitter account set many minds at ease with this message:

Anxiety likely rose locally tonight with twin orders from state and county officials telling everyone in “non-essential” jobs to stay home. And hence:

Let’s all stay safe out there friends. We’ll be back tomorrow with more news and tips on how to stay sane through this unprecedented time.


We’re all living through this extraordinary and frightening pandemic. The vast majority of our newsroom has been working from home (here’s some advice on that) since March 11 to bring you calm, helpful reporting. We are answering your questions and taking more.

LAist is known for our events listings but now hopefully we’ll be known for our non-event listings and tips for parents to try to keep you sane. And we’re looking for your nominations for everyday heroes in this time of crisis. We’re here to help. And if you can help support that effort financially, we’d be grateful.

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