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MLB Players Can’t Have Cannabis Investments, Sponsorships — But Can Get High – Benzinga

Major League Baseball Players can now use cannabis without any kind of risk of discipline, but they can’t show up to work under the influence and are prohibited from entering into commercial sponsorships with cannabis companies.

The league also states it’s also cooperating with product-testing organization NSF International to analyze and certify legal, contaminant-free CBD products to permit teams to store them on club premises.

The announcements came in a Feb. 19 memorandum from MLB Deputy Commissioner Daniel R. Halem.

Before the policy revision, players who tested positive for THC were led to compulsory treatment, and failure to comply carried a fine of up to $35,000. That penalty is now gone.

“While natural cannabinoids will no longer be considered Prohibited Substances under MLB’s Drug Programs,” the memo said, “there are still restrictions on, and risks associated with, the use, possession and distribution of marijuana and other natural cannabinoids.”

Team doctors are also prohibited from prescribing medical cannabis or providing any cannabinoid products to players, and teams may not store such products on club premises.

Despite the rush by some cannabis brands to secure celebrity spokespeople, the league states its players may not invest in or be sponsored by the legal cannabis industry.

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