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Readers’ Choice Awards: Discover Canada’s favourite cannabis stores – Leafly

The Canadian landscape remains a mixed bag when it comes to cannabis retailers, with some provinces hosting stores that radiate with the energy of a hipster coffee shop while others navigate bureaucratic, government-run outlets of varying efficiency.

But favourite is a relative term—these were the top choices in every province.

British Columbia’s favourite cannabis retailer

Village Bloomery Vancouver

Bill Hawley/Leafly

Pre-dating federal legalization, The Village Bloomery has built its reputation through its genuine commitment to the community it serves.

Helping consumers find the right cannabis connection, with a specific focus on medical benefits, has been a top priority for co-founders and operators Andrea Dobbs and Jeremy Jacob since they first opened in 2015. Now, Leafly readers are sending those good vibes right back to them.

Alberta’s favourite cannabis retailer

Nova Cannabis Edmonton

Jesse Milns/Leafly

Most of this thriving cannabis chain’s 22 locations are in Alberta, but the Off Whyte location has a special spot in Albertans’ hearts. Customers can choose to bounce questions off the informative staff or self-serve using interactive screens that serve as menus.

Saskatchewan’s favourite cannabis retailer

Photos courtesy of Living Skies and Prairie Records

Two Saskatoon shops split the inaugural honour of Saskatchewan’s favourite cannabis retailer: Prairie Records, where customers flip through vinyl record covers representing the store’s available strains, and Living Skies, the only locally-owned and operated cannabis retailer in Saskatoon.

Manitoba’s favourite cannabis retailer

readers choice

Photo courtesy of Meta Cannabis

The recreational branch of Meta Growth opened this Brandon location Jan. 30, 2019 with a focus on customer education and health and wellness, rooted in its background in the medicinal market.

Ontario’s favourite cannabis retailer

Inside Tokyo Smoke

Photo courtesy Tokyo Smoke

Located in a small section of the former HMV flagship in the heart of downtown, Tokyo Smoke’s first Toronto cannabis retailer seems to have a never-ending supply of informed, charismatic budtenders to walk customers through the options, helpfully organized into moods such as “Rise” and “Go.”

Tokyo Smoke also took the top place in the favourite cannabis accessories category.

Quebec’s favourite cannabis retailer



One of the original locations opened by the government-run SQDC (Société Québécoise du Cannabis), Quebec’s exclusive cannabis purveyor, the downtown location of this store has made it a high-profile destination.

New Brunswick’s favourite cannabis retailer

cannada cannabis NB


Cannabis is sold exclusively through the government-run Cannabis NB in New Brunswick. This was one of the first locations to open.

Nova Scotia’s favourite cannabis retailer

nova scotia cannabis store


The government-operated NSLC (Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation) is the only organization licensed to sell cannabis in the province. Leafly readers’ favourite location, the provincial flagship, is also the only outlet dedicated entirely to cannabis. Other locations in Nova Scotia host cannabis stores within the liquor store.

Prince Edward Island’s favourite cannabis retailer

PEI Cannabis Store

Vanessa-Lyn Mercier/Leafly

At 2,760 square feet, this provincially-run retailer located near the University of Prince Edward Island is one of four standalone retail stores in the province.

Newfoundland’s favourite cannabis retailer

The Herbal Centre won top honours beating out two dozen other licensed retailers in the province. The indie shop creates a relaxed atmosphere with a sofa and barstools. They also stock glassware and accessories.


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